Vintage Gear in Digital Studios

**Vintage Gear in Digital Studios – How to Use Analogue Equipment Properly**

AKG C12, EMT 140, Neumann U47, Telefunken V76, Studer C37… The list of legendary pieces of studio equipment Made in Germany… Austria… Switzerland that sell for considerable sums on the second hand market could fill many pages…

If at all, many younger sound engineers and interested amateurs only know about this gear by hearsay. Publications such as Recording the Beatles as well as countless YouTube videos and Internet forums contribute to this hype, while there is not really that much hands-on experience in using these objects of desire.

The audio equipment industry reacts to this hard to satisfy demand for working and affordable historic audio kit by producing ‘vintage gear’ that claims to have the same properties as the genuine article.
But what really were and are the properties of tube amplifiers, transistor-based mix desks, audiotape (and vinyl records) compared to the digital technologies?

But which of all of these – and what skills – are necessary for an emerging studio/engineer and how do you integrate these old or pretend-old treasures into your existing technical equipment? What are the issues that come along with buying decade-old equipment and who can help? Are there really inexpensive alternatives to the well-known ‘dinosaurs’?

This course is an introduction to working with vintage and modern analogue equipment.
It is meant to give participants the necessary skills to
independently assess new and vintage equipment and understand the technical specifications of the manufacturer when it comes to the quality and the condition when buying it
properly integrate it into already existing analogue and digital equipment

The goal is to use existing equipment, images and sound recordings as well as handouts to close any knowledge gaps on the functionality of analogue studio equipment and its history in a vivid and practical manner.
The course has four three-hour modules that will take place inside of one week, the same each day, one in mid-morning and one in the evening.

Before 31st May: 120€
After 31st May: 150€
Ticket Link: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/masterclass-vintage-gear-in-digital-studios-tickets-45556615062

– Module 1 – MONDAY 11th JUNE, 18:00 – 21:00
Introduction to analogue studio equipment and its history. Microphone/mix desk (from preamp to junction point)/effects equipment, connecting equipment I

– Module 2 – TUESDAY 12th JUNE, 18:00 – 21:00
Connecting equipment II, correct set up and proper integration of analogue kit into an existing recording and mastering studio

– Module 3 – WEDNESDAY 13th JUNE, 18:00 – 21:00
Audiotape and vinyl records: Alternatives/complement to digital media? ‘Vintage gear’. Second hand versus new/inexpensive alternatives – summing up

– Module 4 – THURSDAY 14th JUNE, 18:00 – 21:00
Field trip

About the instructor:
Stefan Peetz was born in Frankfurt am Main in 1968 and has been living in Berlin since 1996. He first encountered electronic media during a student internship at the German Broadcasting Archive (Deutsches Rundfunkrachiv) in 1982. This set the stage for an early career as an author and presenter, mostly in radio broadcasts of the Hessischer Rundfunk. At the same time, he was involved in studio and audio measuring equipment (setting up and reconditioning of studio equipment) and until 2001 was a technician for broadcasters, private sound studios and universities (film sound) as well as record labels. He has since then produced a number of music recordings as well as restoring historic recordings of all genres. Since 2000, he has been engaged in the production of audiobooks in various roles (narrator, director, sound engineer). Since 2013, he is responsible for the studio equipment at the Studio am Zollhaus, Berlin.
His intellectual and artistic interests covered among others: the study of philology at the universities in Frankfurt/Main and Berlin as well as training as an actor since 2004 (certified in 2007 by ZAV Berlin) and continues to work as a narrator and actor.