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. Doors: 19:00 . Show: 20:00 - 23:59 Entrance:

Re-Imagining Berlin

“I was not born of city, but I will most certainly die in its arms. It is the least I can do, after it has moulded and cuddled me all these torrid years”.

Berlin is more than concrete, it is a revolving and evolving cut and pasted being. As we shift and shuffle along its many pathways we imprint upon it our own mark, but let it not be underestimated the extent to which it itself imprints upon our souls.


‘Re-imagining Berlin’ will showcase the work of some amazingly talented spoken word and visual artists. In their own unique language they will explore the importance and necessity of re-imagining Berlin.


The “Re-imagining” series is an effort to explore different perspectives and to un-box and de-box our approaches to key societal issues. It seeks to underscore the importance of unpacking polarisations and cyclical patterns and radically re-think how we address, tackle and perceive these all-important challenges.

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. Doors: 19h00 . Show: 20:00 - 23:00 Entrance: 18

Blue Lab Beats & J.Lamotta すずめ & Marian Tone // Badehaus Berlin

Noize Fabrik presents Blue Lab Beats & J.Lamotta すずめ at Badehaus Berlin

In partnership with Noize FabrikEmerged AgencyJakarta Records &Badehaus Berlin

When: 22nd April 2018
19:00 Doors/Einlass
20:00 Marian Tone
21:00 J.Lamotta すずめ
22:00 Blue Lab Beats

Formed in mid 2016, Blue Lab Beats was born out of a desire to create a sample-free sound, contrary to the status quo. Stemming from a mutual admiration of jazz, hip-hop and neo-soul; both the band’s debut release Blue Skies and subsequent sophomore EP Freedom have received widespread critical acclaim – receiving support from tastemakers across radio and online including Benji B, DAZED, The Guardian, Toddla T, i-D, Huw Stephens and Afropunk.

Slated for release in March 2018, the duo’s debut album Xover explores the crossing genres and styles that make Blue Lab Beats. Divided in two, the record has a distinct hip-hop and jazz split and firmly displays the bands creativity and proficiency as musicians. With features from both established names and fellow rising talents including Kojey Radical, Moses Boyd, Ruby Francis, Otha Soul, Nubya Garcia, James Vickery and Tiana Major9; the album is the first offering from the new London Jazz scene.


J.Lamotta すずめ (Israel) is one of Berlin’s newest female soul/Hip Hop/Jazz artists. She has recently released her new album “Conscious Tree” with Jakarta Records (Berlin) and P.Vine (Tokyo). In 2016 she formed her own four-piece band to perform her beats live.


Maybe you’ve heard about Marian Tone, the DJ and co-founder of Beat Kollektiv/Wedding Soul. Maybe you’ve heard his EP’s on Dooinit Music or you’ve attended his regular club sets in and around Berlin and other European cities. For his latest project, he has joined forces with drum boss Waldi to produce an album which sounds like a hybrid of Jazz inspired instrumental beats, combined with heavy broken drum grooves and laid back hip hop rhythms. He will be performing this project for the first time on April 22nd and we can’t wait to see what he’s got in store.

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. Doors: 10:00 . Show: 10:00 - 18:00 Entrance: free

SUPER SIN – Test Event – Free event with RSVP


If you RSVP and don’t show up, you will be put on the naughty list meaning you will likely get bumped at future events if there are too many people. Not asking for much here people, just please don’t RSVP if you are on the fence.

YOU MUST RSVP ON EVENTBRITE! Failure to do this will likely result in some serious sad pandas for you.



SUPER SIN is the continued evolution of the Strength in Numbers (SIN) group. We have been putting on weekly music producer events which are aimed to challenge and help you learn and grow in an inclusive environment. SUPER SIN will be a full day event, aimed at basically encouraging everyone who attends to make new music in the presence of a ton of other music producers.

* You must bring all of your own equipment, NOTHING will be provided
* It’s-a-free (say that in a Mario voice please)

Who is this for?
Mostly people who have come to SIN before, HOWEVER, if you are a music producer and just stumbled across this event, trust me when I say this – this is the event you have been looking for if you want to make more music / get into music production.

Do I have to stay the whole event?
No, however, it is required that you show up for the start – which is 10 AM.

What is a test event?
Basically this is a test run of a new event we plan to run, meaning it will not be super polished, but there will still be a ton of fun to be had! If you have any questions, just PM us.

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. Doors: 18:00 . Show: 19:00 - 21:00 Entrance: 8

Brazilian Rhythms Workshop: Samba, Choro and Baião

Brazilian Rhythms Workshop: Samba, Choro and Baião
By Lauro Aires & Salto Triplo

The Lauro Aires & Centropia Tour is presented by Fundo de Apoio a Cultura do Distrito Federal / FAC.

WHEN: Thursday 12th April
TIME: 19:00 – 20:30
FEE: 8€ to be paid at the door
WHERE: Noize Fabrik, Elsenstraße 52, 3.OG 12059 Berlin

The classical tunes and some variations of the main Brazilian rhythms, for drums and percussion (tambourine, triangle, ganzá, tamborim).

The workshop is structured so that musicians can show the audience the characteristics of each rhythm through songs interpreted by the band. Each instrument is explored separately. The public can participate by asking freely or join the musicians team.

The intensity of the workshop will depend on the characteristics of the audience, and may be simpler if the audience is made of beginners, or with more information and interaction if we have a couple of professional musicians among the crowd. The duration is approximately one hour.

After the workshop, 30 minute pocket show.
(Number of participants: auditorium capacity)

1- Music “Sivuquêra” (Marcelo Lima)
2- Presentation of the workshop as a whole.
3- Traditional samba on drums.
4- Traditional samba on percussion instruments.
5- Music “Run and look at the sky” (Cartola)
6- Music “Forró in Morro Branco” (Marcelo Lima)
7- Presentation of the rhythm baião.
8- Baião on drums.
9- Baião on the percussions.
10- Music “The River” (Lauro Aires).
11- Beginning of the pocket show

RSVP via

The Lauro Aires & Centropia Tour is presented by Fundo de Apoio a Cultura do Distrito Federal / FAC.

Watch Lauro Aires Live:

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. Doors: 18:30 . Show: 19:00 - 23:00 Entrance: 5

Il:lo – Mounika – Kognitif / Berlin

Paris-based beatmakers Il:loMounika – Beatmaker & Kognitif official‘s first ever and only date in Berlin in 2017.

WHEN: Saturday 10th March 2017
TIMES: Doors 19:00, Show 20:00
WHERE: Noize Fabrik, Elsenstrasse 52, 3.OG 12059 Berlin

ENGLISH- — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —
Following his recent trip hop successes, the young emerging talent Mounika will join us to play his luxurious beats straight out of the 1970s, that have more online hits than cute cat videos.

Kognitif creates hip hop abstract sounds from his drum machine like no other. His ruthless rhythms and crazy samples stimulate the brain and the dance floor. Old sounds and vintage records inspire cratedigger Kognitif, who likes to satisfy even the most greedy ears with soulful beats, funky trip hop and dusty jazz samples.

Support act Il: lo will take us on an acoustic journey through bonobo-esque soundscapes, organic sounds and instrumental beats of dreams. Let yourself go and enjoy the trip!

GERMAN– — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —
Das junge Talent Mounika, die triphop Entdeckung der letzten Monate, gibt uns die Ehre seine Stücke
vorzuspielen: samtig, weich und den 70er Jahren nachempfunden haben sie mehr Stream Erfolge als
Kätzchen Videos.

Kognitif official aus Frankreich feuert wie kein zweiter abstrakte Trip Hop hymnen aus seiner
Beatmaschine. Gnadenlos treibende drums und völlig verrückte samples stimulieren gehirn und
tanzbeine gleichermaßen.

Zuvor entführen uns Il:lo auf eine akustische reise durch Bonobo-eske klangwelten, organische
sounds und verträumte instrumental beats. Lasst euch treiben und genießt den trip!

FRENCH- — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — –
Révélation triphop de ces derniers mois, le jeune talent Mounika nous fera l’honneur de jouer ses productions crémeuses sorties des années 70 qui font plus de streams que des vidéos de petits chats.

Kognitif extrait comme aucun autre un hymne abstract hip hop de sa boite à rythme. Ses rythmes impitoyables et ses échantillons complètement fous stimulent aussi bien le cerveau et la danse. Digger invéteré de vieux sons et vinyles archéologiques, Kognitif aime à rassasier les oreilles les plus gloutonnes en matière de beats soulful, de trip-hop funky et de samples jazzy poussiéreux.

Au préalable, Il: lo nous emmène dans un voyage acoustique à travers des paysages sonores bonobo- esque, des sons organiques et des beats instrumentaux de rêve. Laissez-vous aller et profitez du voyage!

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. Doors: 19:00 . Show: 20:00 - 23:00 Entrance:

Cecilie Sadolin // Fishtank Sessions

“Pseudo Random is a revolt against our constant focus on image and narrow boxes nowadays and a tribute to the raw musical expression that comes to life in the combination of various music genres, creative methodology and performance art. The title of the album refers to an algorithm which is programmed to generate random numbers”. (

WHEN: Thursday 8th March 2018
TIME: Doors 19:00, Show 20:00
WHERE: Noize Fabrik, Elsenstrasse 52 3.OG 12059 Berlin
ENTRANCE: 5€ suggested donation (RSVP via

Cecilie Sadolin will be presenting her debut album “Pseudo Random” at our monthly Fishtank Sessions on Thursday March 8th. PseudoRandom was released december 1’st and has received high critical acclaim from blogs and music magazines in Denmark, England and Germany and Cecilie is now on her PseudoRandom-tour. With a bachelor’s degree in jazz vocals, a master’s degree in composition from The Royal Academy of Music (DK) and a degree in Music Production and Sound Engineering (DE) from dBs Music in Berlin, Cecilie has a multifaceted musicality spanning over experimental pop, electronic music and orchestral contemporary music that comes to life on her debut, which was recently selected as the most essential release of week 49 by Bands of Tomorrow.

“The album Pseudo Random is a tribute to the abstract musical borderland”. ( ( Soundhelden writes “You will be taken by Cecilie into a strange, imaginative world. The content is about starting afresh and detaching from the old, while writes “Cecilie Sadolin is a woman of contrast and vocally settled between Björk and Alanis Morisette. From the pop song to the musical experiment, you can look forward to some challenging high quality crooks on this challenging album”. (

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Accompanying Cecilie Sadolin (vocals, guitar and keys) on stage will be:
Jelmer de Haan (NL) – Bass/Synth.
Jerome Bonaparte (GE) – Drums/MPC.
Christian Tronhjem – Laptop/Electronic

Watch the video for Cecilie’s “Slip Away” >>>

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. Doors: 18:30 . Show: 19:00 - 23:59 Entrance: 3

Wiked Slam Poetry

Join us for our second slam, simply said, it is going to be wiked.


Wiked is a new endeavour that initiates, supports and promotes artistic projects both in and around Europe. Its goal is to make a positive contribution to the social tapestry through the various and different forms of artistic expression.


Wiked Slam Poetry is open to all styles of poetry, rap, and spoken word. The evening will begin with a special guest performer who will speak to and about a current societal issue. This underlines Wiked’s recognition that as artists our art has a greater purpose and responsibility and that we must strive to fulfil that responsibility, accordingly we favour performances that are socially and politically relevant.

The rules of the slam

Each participant will be given 3 minutes. Winners will be determined by guest judges and will recieve prizes and a percentage of the evening’s profits.

Doors open at 7pm – 3€ Entrance


•Each contestant has 3 minutes on the mic for each round. If the contestant goes over time, points will be deducted from the total score. The clock starts from the moment the contestant addresses the audience.
•Contestants must only perform their own, original work
•No use of props
•No deliberately sexist, racist or homophobic language

Performances can be in either German or English

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. Doors: 19:00 . Show: 19:30 - 23:00 Entrance: 15

Bakery supp. Relatiiv // Badehaus Berlin

Noize Fabrik Presents Bakery + Special Guest supported by RELATIIV atBadehaus Berlin

In partnership with Noize FabrikZart Agency & Badehaus Berlin

When: 22 February 2018
19:30 – Doors/Einlass:
20:00 – 20:30 – RELATIIV
20:45 – 21:45 – Special Guest
22:00 – 23:00 – Bakery

Where: Badehaus Berlin (Revalerstr. 99)

Bakery is a genre bending, tripped out, Lo-fi experience. Psychedelic landscapes evolve with golden waves of electronica, trip-hop and brain melting. An elongated, circulating current of energy flow marks each stanza expanding in layers and layers of formulaic chaos… Immerse yourself in the cool blues, the dynamic purples, the voltaic vocals, the power-driven guitar licks. Each track is a different microcosm to let your mind explore. Sun shining, rain pouring, wind twirling, they’ve baked up something atmospheric just for you. Bakery is an open collective experiment. genre bending, hip/trip hop, psychedelic, avant garde, Lo fi. soul. Combining Art, Music, and Mixed Medias. We feel and hear in colours We are vibes , delegating with different tribes… Bakery will be releasing a new EP on the 16th of February.

Relatiiv is a Berlin based Nu-Soul Trio which combines smooth beats with soulful vocals and jazzy harmonies.

More Information coming soon.

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. Doors: 18:30 . Show: 19:00 - 22:00 Entrance: free on RSVP

Daiana Lou + GreenRoom For Marjorie // Fishtank Sessions

2018 is coming in strong and, with it, a handful of new, exciting projects. First up, we are pleased to introduce our next series: the Fishtank Sessions!

Noize Fabrik will start offering international and local artists the possibility to perform live in our fishtank studio, a professional recording studio with a glass window front that allows bands to play in front of and interact with an audience and still keep optimal audio quality for its recording.

The performances will be filmed and recorded by a professional crew of filmmakers and audio professionals, and the sessions will be open to the general public (RSVP via in order to attend).

For our first Fishtank Session we are extremely happy to be visited by one of our favorites: the electrifying, powerful and magnetic electro-pop-rock Italian duo Daiana Lou.

The duo performed at Noize Fabrik last year and blew the audience away, so we cannot wait to see what they have in store for us this time after their ongoing success around Italy and Europe these past few months.

OPENING ACT: GreenRoom for Marjorie are an italian electronic trio.
The trio consists of producer Daniele Sinigallia, singer-songwriter Marjorie Biondo and drummer Ivo Parlati.
The project was formed in 2012 by the meeting of Daniele’s electronic music with some songs by Marjorie that they immediately put on perfectly.
The passion of both for electronic and acoustic music has immediately called after the entrance of Ivo to complete the project.
Thanks to this staff it was possible to mix and share drums, guitars, harmoniums, sinths and vocals.
Despite the influences of electro, indie rock and dark atmortheres, there is always a focus on emotionally resolutive positivity at the root.

Watch Daiana Lou at X Factor Italy >>>

WHEN: Sunday, 4th February 2018
TIME: Doors 7pm, Show 8pm

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