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11/07/2018. Doors: 19h00 . Show: 20:00 - 23:00 Entrance: 5

Sariyah Idan // Fishtank Sessions

“Powerful, soulful, spirited songs filled with stories of joy, struggle, love and social justice.” -Fusicology

WHEN: Wednesday 11th July, 19:00
WHERE: Noize Fabrik, Elsenstrasse 52, 3.OG 12059 Berlin

Jazz and folk trained, hip-hop educated and influenced by her Jewish roots, Sariyah Idan embodies fiery sensuality rooted in cultural, social and verbal poetry.

A New York bred independent singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Sariyah grew up touring as a singer and dancer in the world folk ensemble The Vanaver Caravan which opened her to a global awareness. Her music weaves a sonic tapestry of both multicultural urban identity and cultural activism. Her vocals, often compared to Nai Palm and Sade, recently featured on first nations MC Artson’s top charting album “Brave Star”, Dumi RIGHT’s album “Doing It The Right Way”, and DJ Haj i ji’s EP “Reports Of My Demise”.

She is currently recording her debut LP at studios in Los Angeles, Berlin, and Porto. Ms Idan has shared stages with legends and mentors Lee “Scratch” Perry, Pete Seeger and Yusef Lateef as well as recordings with Marcia Griffiths and Caron Wheeler on Vienna based Dubblestandart’s album “Woman In Dub”.


This is a live recording session. A group of audio and film professionals will record and film the session live, which is why we ask for people to turn off their phones during the performance, avoid talking as much as possible as long as music is being played, and do not enter the event space with drinks.

By entering the space you agree to be filmed.

Any questions or comments can be referred to

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05/07/2018. Doors: 19h00 . Show: 20:00 - 23:00 Entrance:

GRILL & CHILL #2 // Co-Workers & Community Meetup

After having so much fun with this first edition and the many inquiries we received, we are glad to announce another edition for July! We keep the same ingredients and we do it again 🙂

WHEN: On Thursday 5th of July, 19:00
WHERE: In the Noize Fabrik’s courtyard

Everybody can bring food & drinks that we can all share in our beautiful courtyard.

We provide the grill, some drinks, the music & the instruments – because it always ends up in a jam 😉

Looking forward to spending a nice evening with you!

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30/06/2018. Doors: 20:00 . Show: 21:30 - 6:00 Entrance: 6

Akai Pro x HeadRush present: Made in Berlin | Badehaus

Akai Professional x HeadRush, in collaboration with Badehaus Berlin andNoize Fabrik, present ‘Made in Berlin’, an evening of musical exploration and talent showcase, featuring multi-genre live acts and DJs – with truly established roots to Berlin’s thriving musical culture.

When: Saturday – 30th of June, 8PM – 6AM
Where: Badehaus Berlin, (auf dem RAW-Gelände, Zugang Höhe Simon-Dach-Str.), 10245 Berlin

6€ – Pre-sale >>>
8€ – At the door

21:30 Scar Polish (UK)
22:30 Foam (EC/CAN)
00:30 Szalazar (PT/UK)

DJ sets:
20:00 – 22:00 Draco Draco (UK)
02:00 – 06:00 Matthias & Modex (IT/DE)

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28/06/2018. Doors: 18:00 . Show: 18h30 - 23:00 Entrance: Free

Notion of Progress

You climb five stories, ten flights of stairs, the door is opened by a young blond-haired woman. Welcome to a world of projections and a sea of ​​plastic! “Notions of Progress” is a three-dimensional installation of bodies, plastic and video projections that oscillate between active and passive plasticity. The material plastic reflects our ideas of progress as you are welcomed to examine the plasticity of your own habits.


or text Katrina at 017620765014

Showing three times per day: 1830 // 20 // 2130
free admission

Alice Botelho (Dance)
Lisa Homburger (Dramaturgy)
Dylan Gephart (Video)
Jan Lorys (Dance)
Melanie Müller (Dance)

Katrina Elizabeth Bastian (Choreography, Concept & Text)

This production is sponsored by HZT & HfS Berlin.

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13/06/2018. Doors: 19h00 . Show: 20:00 - 23:00 Entrance:

Wayne Snow // Fishtank Session

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Noize Fabrik presents: #FishtankSessions with Berlin-based nu-soul artist Wayne Snow.

WHEN: Wednesday 13th, 20:00
WHERE: Noize Fabrik, Elsenstrasse 52, 3.OG

Nigerian singer and songwriter Wayne Snow lives in Berlin where his ability quickly fell into fertile ground.
Among other things, he drew attention to himself by collaborating with the jazz and club musician Max Graef, the Italo-Berlin fusion jazz band Mop Mop, the Italo-Berlin club band Nu Guinea and the Parisian producers Neue Grafik and Darius.
With his soul-soaked psychedelic vocal performance he managed to impress his unmistakable stamp on these different projects. After his solo EPs ‘Red Runner’ and ‘Rosie’, his debut album ‘Freedom TV’ will be released on Tartelet Records, the Danish label, which also includes Brandt Brauer Frick.

The Noize Fabrik #FishtankSessions are live recording sessions open to a limited audience that focus on obtaining optimal audio and film recordings of the artist’s performance. The session is documented by a crew of filmmakers and audio professionals and by entering the space attendees agree to be filmed. We ask the audience to keep from talking or moving in-between songs, and no alcohol is allowed in the performance space during the show. Since the focus of these sessions is the content creation, some songs might be performed more than once or until the artist is comfortable with their performance.

Follow Wayne Snow:


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11/06/2018. Doors: 17:00 . Show: 18:00 - 21:00 Entrance: 120

Vintage Gear in Digital Studios

**Vintage Gear in Digital Studios – How to Use Analogue Equipment Properly**

AKG C12, EMT 140, Neumann U47, Telefunken V76, Studer C37… The list of legendary pieces of studio equipment Made in Germany… Austria… Switzerland that sell for considerable sums on the second hand market could fill many pages…

If at all, many younger sound engineers and interested amateurs only know about this gear by hearsay. Publications such as Recording the Beatles as well as countless YouTube videos and Internet forums contribute to this hype, while there is not really that much hands-on experience in using these objects of desire.

The audio equipment industry reacts to this hard to satisfy demand for working and affordable historic audio kit by producing ‘vintage gear’ that claims to have the same properties as the genuine article.
But what really were and are the properties of tube amplifiers, transistor-based mix desks, audiotape (and vinyl records) compared to the digital technologies?

But which of all of these – and what skills – are necessary for an emerging studio/engineer and how do you integrate these old or pretend-old treasures into your existing technical equipment? What are the issues that come along with buying decade-old equipment and who can help? Are there really inexpensive alternatives to the well-known ‘dinosaurs’?

This course is an introduction to working with vintage and modern analogue equipment.
It is meant to give participants the necessary skills to
independently assess new and vintage equipment and understand the technical specifications of the manufacturer when it comes to the quality and the condition when buying it
properly integrate it into already existing analogue and digital equipment

The goal is to use existing equipment, images and sound recordings as well as handouts to close any knowledge gaps on the functionality of analogue studio equipment and its history in a vivid and practical manner.
The course has four three-hour modules that will take place inside of one week, the same each day, one in mid-morning and one in the evening.

Before 31st May: 120€
After 31st May: 150€
Ticket Link:

– Module 1 – MONDAY 11th JUNE, 18:00 – 21:00
Introduction to analogue studio equipment and its history. Microphone/mix desk (from preamp to junction point)/effects equipment, connecting equipment I

– Module 2 – TUESDAY 12th JUNE, 18:00 – 21:00
Connecting equipment II, correct set up and proper integration of analogue kit into an existing recording and mastering studio

– Module 3 – WEDNESDAY 13th JUNE, 18:00 – 21:00
Audiotape and vinyl records: Alternatives/complement to digital media? ‘Vintage gear’. Second hand versus new/inexpensive alternatives – summing up

– Module 4 – THURSDAY 14th JUNE, 18:00 – 21:00
Field trip

About the instructor:
Stefan Peetz was born in Frankfurt am Main in 1968 and has been living in Berlin since 1996. He first encountered electronic media during a student internship at the German Broadcasting Archive (Deutsches Rundfunkrachiv) in 1982. This set the stage for an early career as an author and presenter, mostly in radio broadcasts of the Hessischer Rundfunk. At the same time, he was involved in studio and audio measuring equipment (setting up and reconditioning of studio equipment) and until 2001 was a technician for broadcasters, private sound studios and universities (film sound) as well as record labels. He has since then produced a number of music recordings as well as restoring historic recordings of all genres. Since 2000, he has been engaged in the production of audiobooks in various roles (narrator, director, sound engineer). Since 2013, he is responsible for the studio equipment at the Studio am Zollhaus, Berlin.
His intellectual and artistic interests covered among others: the study of philology at the universities in Frankfurt/Main and Berlin as well as training as an actor since 2004 (certified in 2007 by ZAV Berlin) and continues to work as a narrator and actor.

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07/06/2018. Doors: 18:00 . Show: 19:00 - 23:00 Entrance:

Grill & Chill // Co-Workers & Community Meetup

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Summer is coming, and before we all part ways, we would love to invite you all, co-workers, old & new friends to come together one more time and share a nice time afterwork.

For this occasion, we re-open our Grill & Chill session:

WHEN: On the Thursday 7th of June, 19:00
WHERE: In the Noize Fabrik’s courtyard

The noize fabrik team will cook something but it would be great that everyone bring some food to share altogether.

We provide the grill, the music & the instruments – because it always end up in a jam 😉

Looking forward to spend a nice evening with you!

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26/05/2018. Doors: 11:30 . Show: 12:00 - 17:00 Entrance: 150

Lyric-Writing Workshop

***Lyric-Writing Workshop with Robert Hoare***

These classes have been designed to help participants discover their own methods for writing lyrics. They will focus on the most important aspects of good lyric writing and some of the most common difficulties when writing.

In Session I special attention will be given to developing ideas, writing methods and song forms. Session I is an important prerequisite for the following sessions. Sessions III and IV are more advanced and during these sessions there will be in class exercises and writing assignments. In these sessions selected participant songs will also be discussed. Writing techniques and selected ‘masterpieces’ will be introduced and analysed throughout all four sessions.

*Session I* (Saturday May 26th, 12pm – 5pm)
Session I is an introduction to lyric writing. Topics will include the key elements of lyric writing, how to collect and organise ideas, common song forms and an introduction to figurative speech.
*Session II* (Saturday June 2nd, 12 pm – 5pm)
Session II focuses on creating lyrical coherence, plot development techniques
and using figurative speech.
*Session III and IV* (Saturday June 9th and Saturday June 16th, 12pm – 5pm)
The topics in Sessions III and IV focus on using rhyme and rhythm to create lyrical structure. There will be practical exercises, analysis and in-class assignments to help
understand how to effectively use these tools.

Sessions I & II: 75€
Sessions III & IV: 75€
Full Masterclass (Sessions I, II, III & IV): 120€ before May 14th; 150€ from May 15th.
Ticket Link:

For questions and comments about payment options, feel free to write us at


Rob Hoare is a graduate musician and lyricist (BFA Honours Music) from York University in Toronto. Over the last 20 years he has worked as a lyricist together with artists such as Rammstein, Rosenstolz, Elen, Sebastian Studnitzky, Till Broenner and Mark Murphy. He has been giving lyric-writing workshops in Europe since 2007 and has worked on over 45 albums. He currently works freelance and lives in Berlin.

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24/05/2018. Doors: 19h00 . Show: 20:00 - 23:00 Entrance: Donation

Kritikdesign im echten Leben

Am Donnerstag dem 24.05.2018 um 20:00Hin der NoizeFabrik/Berlin – “Im echten Leben- Kritikdesign Lesung”. Anschließende Diskussion, nach den heissgelaufenen Argumenten dann ein wenig Musik im unteren db-Bereich zum Ausklang.

Polemik, Epistel bis hin zum ungerecht, gewichteten Essay des Kritikdesigns ist Inhalt dieses Veranstaltungsformates der NoizeFabrik (Elsenstrasse 52/Neukölln-Berlin). Vor der Sommerpause geht es um Episteln zum Volksbühnendesaster und die neurolinguistische Spindoktorei der angstzerfressenen Politeliten und ihrer Speichellecker vom rechtsdrehenden Kulturmanager-Rand der sich pseudolinksintellektuell gebärdet…

Gelesen wird in Deutsch und Englisch.

Der Schmutzige-Epistel-Reiter liest Deutsch (oder was er dafür hält), Malte Forstat übersetzt in die englische Sprache.

Den Smombie-Brauchtum unserer Tage Rechnung tragend, wird es keine elend, lange Lesung. Es gibt diesmal mehrere Texte, die vorgetragen werden.

KUNZTBONUS: > zu sehen: “Als wir noch fliegen konnten – ein Tafelbild….”

[english] – Übersetzt und vorgetragen von Malte Forstat.

On Thursday the 24.05.2018 / 20:00H at NoizeFabrik / Berlin there will be the next edition of “In real life – KritikDesign reading”. Subsequent discussion, after the hot arguments then a little music in the lower db range to the end. Polemics epistles and the unfair weighted essay of the critic design is content of this new event format of the NoizeFabrik (Elsenstrasse 52 / Neukölln-Berlin). Reading in German and English.

The pamphleteer reads two or three sentences the translator [Malte Forstat] translates into English. Taking into account the smartphone-zombie-times we all life in it will not be a miserable long reading. On 24.05.2018 two Kritikdesigns will be presented.

If fear and malice are seen as reasonable, resistance becomes a civic duty.

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17/05/2018. Doors: 18:00 . Show: 19:00 - 22:00 Entrance: Donation

BIMM Berlin – Lamplight Session

doors: 19:00pm
show: 20:00pm sharp!
end of live music: 22:00pm

BIMM Berlin will be presenting the singer/songwriter night ‘Lamplight’ at Noize Fabrik on Thursday 17th May 2018!

With the emphasis very much on ‘the song’ and the storytelling within, this will be an intimate evening showcasing our talented songwriters studying at BIMM Berlin.

This will also be a great opportunity for BIMM’s musicians to attend with a view to finding songwriters & front-people to collaborate with, so we encourage you all to come along!

Performers of the night:
♪ Andesh
♪ Mila Ziska
♪ Esther Eden
♪ Lisa Kögler (w/ Fernanda Guinea)
♪ Hannah Kelly
♪ Substereo
♪ Neeraja
♪ Joel Shani
♪ Jonathan Kulo
♪ Kiki Annette

Host of the night:
Another Nguyen

►FREE entry but donations are welcome. Only BIMM Berlin students are allowed to perform. This event is open to the public.

►17.05.2018 | Noize Fabrik
Elsenstrasse 52
12059 Berlin

doors: 19:00pm
show: 20:00pm sharp!
end of live music: 22:00pm

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