Noize Fabrik Studios


The Hexagon is the perfect creative room for those who need to do some quick arranging, mixing or even get down to producing and can also be booked for vocal and voice over recordings

Live Room

The Live Room (commonly known as the box or "fishtank") can be used for Demo recordings, rehearsal or even for live recording perfomances in front of an audience due to its glass window front.

Control Room

Our state of the art control room can be used for high end post production, editing, mixing & mastering,or as a command center for simultanious recordings at the Hexagon or / and Liveroom.

Recording Package

Combining the capacities of our live and control room this package is great for doing live and overdub recordings

Complete Studio Package

Combining all three studios togethes Perfect for larger productions, live, overdub, instrumental and vocal recordings


Noize Fabriks remote Studio at the historic Funkhaus: Fully equipped with analog vintage gear focused on large scale music production, recording and mastering with a unique sound. Available from April 2017.