Elektro Guzzi // Fishtank Sessions

When people talk about techno music, we tend to picture a solo producer in front of his laptop, hovering over all his gear.
Elektro Guzzi, formed in Vienna by Bernhard Hammer, Jakob Schneidewind and Bernhard Breuer, challenge that format by bringing forth an edgy, extremely polished sound: all performed live and with classic rock set-up (Drums, Bass & Guitar).
The trio visited Noize Fabrik at the beginning of spring in March 2018. They had traveled overnight, coming straight from another gig in Holland, and were seemingly tired and a bit quiet. As soon as they approached soundcheck, though, their sound and essence invaded the space, and it was game-time all over again.
An exclusive audience of 13 lucky individuals got to experience their live recording session in our Fishtank; the band delivered an hour long continuous set, compiled especially of unreleased tracks, always leaving room for improvisation and co-creation between the members. Their musicality, individually and collectively, as well as the chemistry was difficult to ignore, and their loop and trance-like sound took us deep into a journey of textures and intensities that were impossible not to get carried away by.
Their sound speaks louder than any word, so we encourage you to sit back and enjoy the journey with this #FishtankSession with Elektro Guzzi.