Mixing services at Noize Fabrik are carried out by our in-house technicians Stefan Peetz and/or Bela Csorba.

As they say, mixing can go on forever as it is a highly creative process. Clients may sit-in on mixing sessions with our engineers or may just send us tracks we will mix remotely for you. If clients are not present in the studio while mixing is taking place, it is recommended to send us references to the type of sound we should create. One of the most important things, in our view, is to set clear timelines so as not to waste clients valuable studio time. Goals and time limits are used to make sure expectations are managed properly and that in the end clients get what they want, a well mixed product.

A meeting with Noize Fabrik Engineers is always needed before a mixing session can take place. If you are interested in more information, booking a tour, setting a meeting or booking a mixing session you can write us at hello@noizefabrik.com or feel free to call (telephone number is in the footer).

For references please visit the “Recording” page of our website.

  • Mixing services offered by Noize Fabrik Sound Engineers
  • Individual meetings are required for this session as each cost estimate will vary in price based on amount of work