Control Room

The Control Room can be used for many different purposes including mixing, mastering, digital and analogue production, voice recordings, and film production.

Technical Specifications:

Control Room has a Midas Pro1 mixing console with a Klark Technik DN9650 as a network bridge to the studio computer. Two 19” racks on either side of the mixing console contain our select choices of analoge gear, namely 4 channels of the classic AMS Neve 1073, a limited edition Universal Audio 1176LN, the famous EMT 156 Compressor and a Klein & Hummel UE400 Stereo EQ. To the right of the desk sits a Telefunken M15 Tape Machine and sitting outside the room an AKG BX20 Analogue Spring Reverb unit. All rooms and outboard equipment are connected through a LEMO Patchbay which sits under the desk on the left hand side, and is easily reachable for routing signal where it is needed.

  • Digital & Analog Production
  • High-End Post Production (Music & Film)
  • Editing/Mixing/Mastering
  • Voice & Instrument Recording
  • Command Centre for Larger Productions
  • Preise verstehen sich exkl. des Honorars für den Tontechniker (Mo. - Fr.: € 25,-/Std. Sa.: € 30,-/Std.)