Recording Suite B

A recording suite geared towards podcasters, journalists, advertising & voice over agencies and music producers.

Technical Specifications:

Recording Suite B is made up of two rooms, a control room and recording room. In the control room of Studio B is an EELA Audio S120-VCA mixing console (8ins4outs) connected to a RME Fireface UC converting to our computer. A Studer 1.918.140.81 – DSP Telefon Hybrid is used for the recording of telephone calls mainly for conference calls, podcasts, online radio broadcasting and speech recording. 8inputs from the recording room offer a flexibility in terms of what recorded. 8 channels of the Midas XL48 Pre-Amps (19” Rack version) are also available offering different options for mic pre-amplification. The software on the studio computer includes Ableton, Protools & Logic Pro X on the Mac Partition & Samplitude & Reaper on the Windows Partition.

  • Podcast Recording
  • Vocal / Voice Over Recordings
  • Overdub Music Recordings
  • Online Radio Broadcasts
  • Music Production
  • Podcasting
  • For further information email