A Parallel Universe: Record Release

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Dear earthlings! Get ready for a journey to a parallel universe ♥ we will finally take you there on April 27th at Noize Fabrik Berlin. So happy to finally share our album with you. And also some new stuff 😉
We will have lovely Trinidad Doherty opening the stage for us. Show starts at 8pm. Come over and bring your friends! ♥

Doors 19:00
Start: 20:00
Entrance: 8 euro
Info: bring your own alc. drinks


Who is Sam and where is Sara? Starting out as a duo, the Berlin-based band now counts six musicians. Their songs tell stories from Samsara, about what leaves, what comes, what stays and what always returns in life. Singer and songwriter Selin writes about turning points in life, hidden treasures behind people’s walls and the power of your own wishes. She poses questions and some find their own answers in the melancholic yet catchy songs. Their acoustic folk sound, sometimes accompanied by piano and saxophone, the atmosphere moves between dreamy contemplation and funky vibes. And the listeners may find the melodies stuck in their auditory canals for days after the concert.