Strength in Numbers – A full day of Music Production

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*Note: What do these challenges mean? It’s a mystery! Rest assured you need nothing other than your laptop and some headphones to make music. See what to bring section below!

11:30 – Doors
12:00 – Introductions and the first challenge „3X20“
13:00 – „HACKABEAT“
16:00 – „FREEDOM“
18:00 – „TAEBAKCAH“
20:00 – We’re done! After party commences, but wait, who’s playing the music? WE ALL ARE! Only music made during THIS day is played. You made a sick beat a year ago? Cool. Unfortunately we only play music that was made TODAY! This is the best part of the day. Everyone is on a creative high, there is a lot cheering, dancing, high fives, hugs, and tears (okay only me, i’m just so proud).


>> So… what is Strength in Numbers (SIN)?
„Even just forming a community where people share their work allows for such creative growth and expression, I don’t know why more people don’t do it.“ – Djemba Djemba in the Strength in Numbers documentary (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=10ZEttb2qQw)

We started as a beat cypher crew that met weekly making one minute beats for the first 1.5 years (i.e. if you watch the link above, the exact same thing Team Supreme did). We then opened up our doors and started experimenting with different ways to challenge producers rather than just making a one minute beat.

Now, the culmination of all the learnings over 65 meet-ups is here. This will be the first event of our new series, where we will meet monthly on one day to make a ton of music in some fun challenging ways.

>> What do I need to bring?
Your laptop. Headphones. Anything else you need to make music (i.e. software etc). We have a few midi keyboards which are open for communal use (and Maschine’s). If you don’t bring headphones/laptop/anything you need I can’t help you, sorry!

>> Do I have to come to the whole event?
No. Come for an hour. or two. or eight?

>> I’ve never been to this event before, are you guys all a bunch of friends and i’m going to be some outcast?
No pressure, we are about making music! But no. Don’t worry about this because I don’t even know everyone coming! Rest assured, it’ll be moderated by none other than myself (trust me, he’s great!) to make sure everyone introduces themselves and knows who everyone is 🙂

>> Rules
Only rule is a mutual respect for each other. We welcome people from all walks of life and will not tolerate and forms of hate or disrespect. We’re like a family of producers who truly want each other to succeed.

>> Am I too new/too young/too old/too experienced/too good at dancing to attend this event I think…
This event is for EVERYONE. All walks of life. All genres of music. all you need to bring is your desire to make music. Have you been wanting to get into music production but just haven’t found the time?
This is for you.

Have you previously produced some cool music, but have since sunk into a huge unproductive period?
This is for you.

Have you never even opened up a music production software and think that the music you want to make is made by wizards?
Well it is. JK this is for you!

>> Who are you and why do you do this?
If you made it ALL THE WAY to the bottom of this description, congratulations! I came to Berlin, like 90% of people, for some dream…Some goal. My goal was to really take time and focus on getting better at music. I kind of moved here with no plan, and as a result NO FRIENDS (sad violin plays). So, I decided to run this group to make friends but MORE IMPORTANTLY, make friends who were also interested in getting better at music production. I decided to not run this group for money. You might think it’s a great opportunity to support myself in the rising rents of Berlin. But this is short sited. I say this because I run this event for me. I’m as much of a participant as you are, and the moment I start charging people, the moment I feel that dynamic changes. Everything I do in this group is aimed in a way for me to enjoy participating in it as much as you do. I hope that re-assures you in some way.

>> Still here?
Wow, you get an extra special reward! If you have ANY questions, I mean any, please don’t hesitate to fire me a message.