Kiss The Sky // Fishtank Sessions 

KISS THE SKY is Daryl Taylor (Archie Bell and the Drells, Jab’o Starks & Clyde Stubblefield ), Kenny Martin
(Defunkt, Citizen X) and Jean-Paul Bourelly (Stone Raiders, Miles Davis).

The band successfully intersects blues with new sonic possibilities. Working this brave new world, KTS creates an x-blues with an exciting unpredictable edge that cuts deep
between blazing guitars, vocal hollers and pumping polyrhythmic thrust. The group was formed in Berlin, as KTS naturally embodies ideas that reflect their unique experiences having
working and lived in the Diaspora.

“We are constantly coming up with new ways in this capitol city Berlin to express our own direction through recontextualizing motifs and re-defining styles. For us, music is constant discovery of transformations.” (JPB).

Kiss the Sky may not be the blues in today’s commercial sense, but its surely got the blues, the yearning and
optimism, its open ended and will groove you into excitement.