About NF Studios

Noize Fabrik Studios caters to a wide range of people due to the many different offers that we have. There are two ways in which our studios function: 1) musicians, film makers, sound engineers and other audiophiles can rent our studio spaces (including the equipment) in order to undertake their own projects. 2) Noize Fabrik offers professional services to clients. These services include Recording, both in-studio and mobile, mixing & mastering.

The studios are made up of two separate recording suites (Studio A & Studio B) each offering comfortable, warm and professional environments. Studio A consists of our Control Room, Live Room or Fishtank as some call it due its glass wall and aesthetic, and our spacious stage & event area. Its is designed for larger music productions of all kinds. Studio B Consists of two rooms: a recording room, and a control room and it is designed for speech/vocal recordings & over-dub music productions. Last but not least, our Hexagon Room, named after its shape, is used for editing, arranging, and post production for both music and film.

Rent Our Studios

Control Room

Control Room

(Click image for more info) The Control Room is at the center of Noize Fabrik Studios. It is designed as the command center for recordings sessions  however can be used individually for mixing, mastering & post-production of any kind.



(Click image for more info) The Hexagon is designed for Post-Production of film and audio. Be it editing arranging, vocal recordings or voice over for film, the Hexagon provides a basic set up to fulfill a variety of needs.

Recording Suite A

Recording Suite A

(Click image for more info) Noize Fabriks recording and production suite. Designed for music recordings of any kind and any genre, be it Live or in Over-Dub.

Recording Suite B

Recording Suite B

(Click image for more info) Studio B Consists of two rooms: a recording room, and a control room and it is designed for speech/vocal recordings & over-dub music productions.

Services We Offer



(Click image for more info) Mastering Services are done with the best of both analog and digital technologies in Noize Fabriks Control Room.



(Click image for more info) Mix with professional gear and experienced technicians in Noize Fabriks Control Room. Find and create the sound that you want.



(Click image for more info) Noize Fabrik offers high-quality, professional recording services with industry standard equipment and experienced technicians. Here you can find studio reference work.

Booking Process

Booking Process

To inquire about renting a studio space to undertake your own project OR to request studio services from Noize Fabrik, please follow the following procedure.

Step 1: Get in touch, break the ice

Click below on the button "book a studio" and fill out the all info requested. We will get back to you within 24 hours.

Step 2: Gather some details

If we have any questions, in our responding email we will ask you to provide more info on what you are looking to do.

Step 3: Confirm a booking or a meeting

Once we know what it is you want and need, & when you want it, we will confirm your studio rental. When requesting services, the next step is to set a meeting between you and our engineering team to get everyone on the same page.

Step 4: Arrival + Terms and Conditons

if its your first time coming to NF, come a bit early so we can sign a basic terms and conditions sheet. This outlines the rules of the studio. If you requested a service, arrival on time and be ready to rock.

Special Offer

Complete Live Package

The complete and live package is Noizefabrik's unique offer to musicians and artists. It consists of one full week (7 days do not have to be sequential)

Day 1

Recording 8 Hours with the use of the Live Room + Control Room + Hexagon Room. Full Equipment Available including Microphones, Pre-Amps. Instruments & Outboard Gear

Day 2

Same as day 1

Day 3

8 hours of editing of the material recorded in the previous days.

Day 4

8 hours of mixing

Day 5

8 hours of mixing

Day 6

Full day of mastering

Day 7

Live concert on the stage of Noize Fabrik with possibility to earn some money back through the event.

Price: 2100€ Optional Visual Material: Noizefabrik works in collaboration with Valquire Productions who offer a half day of photography or videography services for an additional 400€ Price including visual option: 2500€

Equipment List


RFT CM5171 mit Neumann M7 Kapsel (Vintage) - Pre-booking required Neumann CMV3 mit M7 Kapsel (Vintage) - Pre-booking required Neumann U77 - Pre-booking required Neumann U87 (2x) - Pre-booking required Neumann U89 - Pre-booking required Neumann KM88 - Pre-booking required Neumann KM84m - Pre-booking required Neumann TLM103 - Pre-booking required Neumann KM184 mt Set (2x) Neumann KMS 105 - Pre-booking required Neumann SM69 Stereophonic Mic (Vintage) Sennheiser MD421 Sennheiser MD441U Sennheiser MD441N Sennheiser MKH 405 P48V (2x) Electro Voice RE20 Beyer Dynamic M69 N (x4) Lewitt Authentica LCT840 Lewitt Authentica LCT240 Audio Technica AT2035 Audio Technica AE3000 (2x) Shure SM58 Shure SM57 Beta Shure SM56 Beta


Vox AC30 - Guitar Amplifier Orange Tiny Terror - Guitar Amplifier Head Bogner 1x12" Guitar Amp Cabinet Marshall JCM900 - Guitar Amplifier Head Markbass Little Mark 3 - Bass Amplifier Nord Electro 61 - Stage Keyboard Novation MiniNova - Synthesizer Pearl Export Series Drum Kit 5 Piece - Remo Skins Gibson SG 1991 - Electric Guitar Fender Stratocaster - Electric Guitar Ibanez - Acoustic Guitar Bohemian Guitars Moonshine - Electric Guitar

Consoles & Outboard Gear

MIDAS Pro1 Midas M32R - Digital Mixing Console Presonus 16.0.02 Live - Digital Mixing Console Allen & Heath ZED 12FX - Mixer Universal Audio UAD610 - Preamplifier Universal Audio 1176LN Anniversary Edition - Limiting Amplifier AMS Neve 1073 DPD - Dual Preamplifier AMS Neve 1073 DPX - Dual Amplifier & EQ Focursite Octopre MK2 - Preamplifier & Interface Extension Focursite Saffire Pro40 - Preamplifier & Interface Focursite Saffire Pro56 Liquid Pre - Preamplifier & Interface Little Labs Redeye DI - ReAMP & EXP Splitter Little Labs Redcloud 8810UERS Balanced -Attenuator FMR Audio RNC1773 - Compressor Lavry Engineering DA10 - AD/DA Converter K+H UE400 Entzerrer 2 Channel 3 Band - Filter & Parametric EQ EMT156 Compressor Telefunken M15 - Tape Machine


Logic Pro X Pro Tools Ableton Live Cubase Artist UAD Satellite (plug ins follow) - Teletronix LA2A Legacy - UAD1176LN Legacy - UAD1176SE Legacy - Pultec Pro Legacy - Fairchild 670 Legacy - Realverb Pro - Pultec EQP-1A Legacy - Precision Mix Rack Collection Waves Complete Mercury Bundle

Studio Monitors

Neumann KH120 Neumann KH305 w/ KH805 Subwoofer Yamaha NS7 Swissonic SUB10 - Subwoofer

Midi & Software Controllers

Akai MPK49 AkaiMPK249 Presonus Faderport